Haircuts and styling

The Aldo Coppola Academy of Beauty and Style follows innovative approach to creativity and natural beauty philosophy of Aldo Coppola brand. Brilliantly skilled Italian and Russian stylists and colorists, who teach at the Academy, undergo trainings in Italy, take part in fabulous show of Tendencies, which happens twice a year and is led by maestro Aldo Coppola in Milan, create images and hairstyles on the top fashion weeks, take part in photo shoots for the leading magazines like Vogue, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar and many others on the regular basis.

Pioneering ideas of maestro and his Milan team inspire Russian specialists for holding the show «New Trends», where the top stylists, colorists and make up artists from Aldo Coppola create fashion looks and demonstrate the latest haircuts and dyeing techniques according to the seasonal fashion trends.

Training courses

All the training courses are developed by the leading specialists from Aldo Coppola Academy in Milan. The Aldo Coppola Academy of Beauty and Style in Moscow offers introduction trainings as well as advanced programmes.

We do care about the high professional level of our team and provide newcommers, qualified stylists and colorists with necessary trainings in order to enhance their skills on the following directions (the information can be changed):

  • starting training session: introduction (Aldo Coppola philosophy, mission of the company in Russia, the international history of the brand and timeline of the development in Russia, beauty centers, rules of behavior), Aldo Coppola products, exclusive massage techniques and hair wash, SPA treatments, basics of coloristics, decolorizing, dyeing with henna and hairstyling
  • training for colorists: exclusive decolorizing, dyeing and hairstyling techniques, haircuts, consulting clients on SPA treatments
  • training for stylists: exclusive haircuts and hairstyles, basic and night-out hairdos, consulting clients on different questions (including dyeing, hairstyling, haircut, SPA and home care treatments)
  • advanced trainings for skilled professionals: new hairstyle trends, retrospective and fashion review (in development), masterclasses held by the top Aldo Coppola stylists from Milan, education in Italy

Stylist from other beauty centers also have an opportunity to the philosophy and unique techniques of Aldo Coppola in the Academy of Beauty and Style on the following directions:

  • 2 introduction trainings (exclusive haircuts and hairstyles — 2 levels)
  • waves and curls
  • night-out hairdos

By graduating the course our students get the certificate. All the materials and mannequines used during trainings can be taken by the end of the course. The most successful graduates get the opportunity to join the Aldo Coppola team.