The Aldo Coppola Academy of Beauty and Style Aldo offers training courses on SPA, esthetic medicine and machine cosmetology. We invite the leading European specialists and doctors to hold trainings in order to provide our students with the highest level of eduction.

We’re proud of the modern esthetic products, treatments, devices and exclusive massage techniques, which we present to the specialists of beauty centers.

When launching a new product the trainings are always held by the representative of the producing company (Promoitalia, ILA, Youngblood, Medical SEEV, Transvital, Rodial, Youngblood, 4VOO). The brand-owners have already appreciated the professional skills of the Aldo Coppola experts and also take part in trainings. Our teachers are successful doctors, leading technologists and creators of new esthetic methodics.

Training courses

All courses are developed by the representatives of companies specially for Aldo Coppola beauty centres and can be divided into the following directions:

  • Exclusive cosmetology products;
  • Professional cosmetology treatments on the base of exclusive products;
  • Exclusive SPA treatments (ILA);
  • Unique massage techniques and treatments;
  • Special devices and machine treatments (PROSCHOCKICE™, PROWAVEICE™)

Leading dermatocosmetologists and masseurs of Aldo Coppola beauty centres undergo trainings in educational centres of producing companies in Italy (for example Transvital, Promoitalia). They transmit the acquired skills to their colleagues in order to train the cosmetologists in the Aldo Coppola Academy of beauty and style.