In the world of fashion and hair dressing’s art the brand Aldo Coppola is a symbol of prestige, quality and irreproachable repulation. In Russia the brand Aldo Coppola has been known since 1994.

The brand Aldo Coppola was born in 1965, when a young innovative stylist Aldo Coppola opened his first hair salon in Via Manzoni, in the heart of Milan. Aldo began his career at the age of 12, working in the father’s hair salon. At the age of 15 Aldo Coppola has graduated from the Art Academy and won Italian championship in women hairstyles. Any experience, any person and any new work became an inspiration and motivation source for Maestro. The unique approach to create haircuts and hairstyles, a huge creative potential and charisma have brought worldwide fame to Aldo Coppola and the most respected status in the fashion and beauty industry to the brand. Longstanding cooperation with leading designers: Valentino, Armani, Ferre, Missoni, Versace has established its status as the leading company in the hairdressing industry. As the time goes by, Aldo Coppola beauty centres emerged in the leading world capitals: Rome, Milan, Monte Carlo, Tokyo, London and Moscow.

The first beauty centre in Russia opened in the legendary «Sadko Arcada» in 1994, immediately becoming one of the most fashionable places of the capital. Today in Moscow and Moscow region are opened 7 beauty and spa centres. The success of Aldo Coppola in Moscow had soon spread to the regions, creating a franchise network throughout Russia. Italian centres have already conquered Perm, Kostroma, Kaliningrad, Alma-Ata, Krasnodar, Novosibirsk...

Since the appearance of Aldo Coppola in Russia, the company is successfully managed by its inspirer and President Maria Broughton-Khudoyan. A fine beauty and style sense, love for her work, aspiration to continuous self-improvement of entire creative team allowed to bring the company to the leading position in its niche. High standards defined by Maria in the beginning of her professional career have helped the Aldo Coppola company to gain a reputation as one of the best, unmatched beauty centres. The distinctive feature of Aldo Coppola in Russia is the wide range of beauty, wellness and spa programs. The brand itself has successfully established a reputation of impeccable excellence, unsurpassed service in the beauty and hairdressing industry. Entirely sharing the Aldo Coppola philosophy — the philosophy of natural beauty — in 17 years the artistic team has created unique images that reveal the individual beauty of each woman.

Brand philosophy

Once inspired by natured beauty Aldo Coppola created a new philosophy, which later became a real revolution in the hairdressing world. Each Aldo Coppola customer is uniquely beautiful, perfectly groomed, but looks like she doesn’t make any effort for this. «I wanted that a woman never thought about her hairstyle and looked perfectly in every situation», — Maestro says. In the Moscow beauty centres of Italian master the phrase: «Beauty requires sacrifice» is not current: in all the centers are used only natural care products and hair coloring. According to Aldo Coppola, even the most complicated hair coloring shouldn’t bring any damage.

The customers of Aldo Coppola beauty centres do not even have to sacrifice their time: the professional Russian and Italian team offers complete express cares, which allow you to make up to 5 treatments at the same time.

Best of the best

The leading masters of the Russian Aldo Coppola team have successfully adopted the talent of Maestro to be the best of the best. Thanks to the constant improvement of professional skills of our artists, who regularly upgrade their qualification in Milan, we always manage to stay at the top of the fashion trends and the latest technology. The philosophy of uniqueness and soleness is also reflected in a well-designed spatial solutions and creative atmosphere. The collaboration with some of the most famous designers — Karim Rashid and Philippe Starck — has allowed to create bright, memorable interiors at the Moscow beauty centres.

Exclusive techniques

The highest level of service, a special atmosphere, the best artists and newest range of treatments do not cease to surprise both regular and new customers. Range of services offered in the Aldo Coppola, is constantly growing, due to the use of the latest exclusive developments both in hairdressing and cosmetology fields. Last generation hardware techniques, the ancient Eastern practices, unique original programs, the presence of customer’s VIP rooms according to their individual needs — all the programs gained popularity among the most demanding customers.

Academy of Aesthetics & Style

All his huge experience Maestro Aldo Coppola always tried to share with the artists of his beauty centres. That’s how the idea to create the Academy of Aesthetics & Style in Milan was born. A few years later, the Academy opened in Moscow. Caring about the level of education, the leading stylists, colorists and cosmetologists Aldo Coppola, as well as the European specialists and physicians conduct training sessions and master classes in hairdressing, aesthetic medicine, hardware cosmetology and spa for students of the Academy.

The constant improvement of the team excellence is reflected in the Aldo Coppola’s favorite quotation «I’ll do the best tomorrow!». Believing to the Maestro’s words, the most interesting in the history of the brand Aldo Coppola is yet to come!